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Italy, the undisputed symbol of Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita,” besides its cultural treasures and traditional cuisine, the Lake Garda region reserves fabulous wine tastings and people. Discover the region! Here we recommend you 3 Italian wines to try this summer: Lugana DOC, Custoza Superiore DOC, Chiaretto DOC.

With over 350 regional wines and over 500 native Italian grapes, how do you know which are the best wines to try? These 3 Italian wines are a great place to start – especially if you are a wine-lover because they express what Italian wine is all about!

The area of origin of these 3 Italian wines to try in Lake Garda: situated in northern Italy between Verona and Brescia; this famous LakeLake (Italy’s largest body of water) is rich with natural splendor, making it a paradise for those who love wine. The presence of vines on garda hills has been documented since the Bronze Age. Romans produced wine in the rural villas, and remains have been found in many areas nearby the LakeLake.

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What’s unique about the region?

The southern part of Lake Garda is characterized by the rolling hills of the morainic amphitheater that embraces the coast from east to west. This soil is rich in minerals that enhance quality and complexity in wines. The mountains in the North mitigate the cold winds coming from Northern Europe, and the vast LakeLake mitigate both cold winters and hot summers.

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The 3 Italian wines to try this summer


Cà del Magro Custoza Superiore DOC – Monte del Frà –

An authentic Italian ambassador in the world. This white wine is produced in the small area of Cà del Magro in the hills of Custoza from old vineyards (40 years). A unique blend of Garganega, Trebbianello, Cortese and Incrocio Manzoni creates a wine with great complexity and longevity. This wine is loved worldwide for its versatility that offers amazing combinations with any fusion cuisine. The snappy freshness invites you to drink it during summer, preferably combined with grilled fish.

 Wine spectator assigns to this wine 91 points (the highest score ever assigned to a Custoza by the US magazine)

You can try at the winery with a wine tasting in the vineyards, explore the cellar, meet the family and the winemaker and enjoy local cheese with fabulous wines. You can reserve it directly on this link.

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Lugana DOC – Monte del Frà –

The fame of this wine comes from its territory: the south of Lake Garda. Here, Trebbiano di Lugana or Turbiana grape is grown, a variety recently associated with the white Verdicchio, which seems to be native to the Veneto region and later introduced in the Marche region in the fifteenth century. Lugana is loved because it is a white wine that remembers the summer, holidays, and good times spent at the LakeLake. Fruitful, fresh, and friendly, this wine seduces both men and women. Wine Enthusiast awarded him 90 points. Try it at Monte del Frà winery during a traditional wine tasting paired with local food. You can have a look at this link (any reservation can be made online).

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Chiaretto di Bardolino DOC – Monte del Frà –

In contrast to the soft, pliant rosè wines from Provence, you will find the more assertive rosè wines of Bardolino called Chiaretto. Chiaretto is made from Corvina Grape, with some Rondinella and Molinara. These are the same grapes used to make the world-famous, costly age-worthy wine known as Amarone. Chiaretto is characterized by intense minerality and zesty acidity. Chiaretto can stand up to strong-flavored dishes such as pasta with herbs and tomatoes, grilled salmon, prosciutto, or even veal.

Rewarded as one of the best Rosè in the world according to the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.”

Try it on the hilltop during a picnic; sunset gifts you a wonderful view of the custoza vineyards. This winery offers one of the best views. From 10 am to 17, you can arrive, get a guided tour and enjoy local food and wine with your family or friends. Don’t forget to reserve your place on this link.

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What more about Monte del Frà winery?

The winery that produces these 3 wines is Monte del Frà, located in the village of Custoza, only 15 km from Verona. The company’s name stems from its location on an ancient monastic property. There is evidence of vines being farmed here since the 17h century.

The cellar has a unique Italian history, led by Massimo Bonomo, who, in the mid-twentieth century (Est. 1958), rented his first group of croplands in the hills surrounding Lake Garda.

Today the management of Monte del Frà remains under the control of the Bonomo’s family. They have strong and concise values: loyalty to their land and its appreciation and increasingly sustainable agriculture. According to some of the most prominent international wine critics, the vineyards are real “cru,” where some of the great wines originate and have become a point of reference for quality Italian wine. Despite existence of thousands of various types of wines in Italy those three are the best and you should try them for they have special taste that will make your holiday have the real taste without dissapointment.

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