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Sparkling Frattino and carrot Bagels

A healthy and tasty recipe with a special ingredient: the carrot!

Spring is coming, and with it also the desire to rediscover season ingredients and the beneficial properties that come from it. We always look for tasty food but also a healthy one. At the winery we are always looking for new and original recipes to match our wines and this week we are proposing a truly exquisite one! The key ingredient? The carrot!

This vegetable is a super-food rich in antioxidants, thanks to betacarotene, vitamins C and E. Carrot juice is a mixture of substances which has a very good protective effect on the skin, making the skin softer, elastic, hydrated and more able to withstand exposure to the sun. 

total 3 h. | preparation 1 h.
DOSES: 10 bagels



250 g white flour type 0
10 g egg white (beated)
1 ½ dl carrot juice
½ albumen, slumped
½ spoon liquid honey
20 g butter


Hot salt water
½ yolk, diluted with 1 spoon milk
1 ½ spoon black sesame


100 g fresh cheese
50 g peanut butter
50 g sliced salmon (bio)
½ radishes bunch to be cut thin
¼ of cucumber, thin sliced
½ avocado, striped
¼ twig dill
½ banana, thin sliced
1 spoon chocolate grains



In a container mix flour, salt and yeast. Combine the carrot juice and all ingredients with the butter included, mix and process the mixture until it is soft and homogeneous. Cover and let rise at room temperature for about 1 hour and ½ until the volume doubles.

ricetta per bagel alla carota
carrot bagel
carrot bagel recipe


  • Move the compound to a slightly floured surface and form a roll without working the dough. 
  • Divide the dough in 20 pieces and form dough balls. Pierce the balls and enlarge the hole until an aperture of approximately 4 cm Ø is obtained (help yourself with a floured spoon handle). 
  • Place the bagels on a baked plate, cover and leave to grow for approximately 15 min.
  • Place approximately 3 bagels in freshly boiling saltwater at a time for approximately 12 sec. Spread them with a skimmer, drain well and place them on the baking paper. 
  • Brush the bagels with a little yolk, then sprinkle with poppy, sunflower, or sesame seeds.

In the oven

Cook for approx. 15 min at the center of the pre-heated oven at 220 °C. Churn out and let cool on a grid.


Cut the bagels in half and fill them with the remaining ingredients.

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Sparkling Frattino Monte del Frà is a wine produced in the southeast hills of Lake Garda, near Custoza village. It’ delicious with carrot juice Bagel thanks to its light and easy character, but it also goes well with appetizer, salty croissants, shrimp cocktails, fried chicken, Chinese and Thai cuisine.


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