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Five Things to do at Lake Garda: let’s discover together the most authentic food and wine experiences and the most evocative places for a trip out of town or a weekend dedicated to wine and food in the morainic hills of Custoza.

The landscape that frames the five experiences we are about to recommend is exceptionally engaging and bucolic: we are located at the southeast of Lake Garda, immersed in the gentle morainic hills that wind between Custoza and Peschiera. Since ancient times, it is an area dedicated to viticulture and well recognized for the quality of the fresh Custoza doc, Bardolino doc, and Lugana doc wines.

Here, history reigns supreme as shown by the picturesque villages of Borghetto, Custoza, and Valeggio Sul Mincio that will captivate you thanks to their enchanting beauty and deep-rooted food and wine traditions. Vineyards, olive trees, and centuries-old cypresses will be the backdrop to your moments, giving you feelings of peace and light-heartedness.

Thanks to its strategic position, it is an easy place to reach due to the proximity of the Sommacampagna motorway exit, the airport, the city of Verona, and Lake Garda.

But what are the five things to do at Lake Garda if you are a wine and food lover? Here are our 5 top tips: 

1- Blind tasting in the cellar. 

What do you think of a wine tasting in the suggestive rooms of a cellar, where you can learn about a bottle of wine by allowing yourself to be guided by your senses? A real adventure in wine that will intrigue even the most hardened wine lovers! What is it about? It is simple! 6 Bottles in which the label is covered in such a way that you are free to taste and express your sensations without the influence of external factors. An experience suitable for everyone, with a playful and original spirit. The experience includes a guided tour of the cellar with the owner, six wines for tasting with covered bottles (blind), and a guide to recognizing aromas and scents according to the level of difficulty of the presence of each. 

cosa fare a Verona - degustazione vini

2- Lunch at the Remelli pasta factory in Valeggio sul Mincio.

If you are always looking for the most authentic restaurant recommended by locals, this is the place for you! Known for the quality and wide choice of tortellini, the Remelli pasta factory is a shop that offers high-quality local products with a restaurant and an excellent wine list. The rooms where you can have lunch are varied: from the small delicatessen to the internal courtyard, up to the ancient underground cellar, all made of stones. The menu is simple but constantly evolving, always respectful of the seasonality of the ingredients. In addition to the classic tortellini, tortelloni, and fresh pasta, you can try the delicious meat cooked on the grill over the sizeable internal fireplace. Homemade desserts cannot be missing. 

Mittagessen in der Pastafabrik Remelli in Valeggio sul Mincio

3- Multisensory tasting in the cellar

Among the five things to do on Lake Garda, if you love Italian wine, you certainly cannot miss the most original and exclusive activity: the multisensory tasting. What is it about? The experience includes a guided tour of the cellar followed by a sensory journey inside the barrel room, dedicated to wine and sensations. Here, with the help of an expert guide, you will listen to sounds, stories and taste the wine in black glass goblets to be guided only by your sensations. Exciting and engaging, this tasting is perfect for those who wish to be amazed and get to know wine in another light: that of the senses. 

4- Picnic in the hills with a view of the vineyards.

Picnic in the hills nestled among the morainic hills of Lake Garda is a much-loved activity by those who prefer contact with nature and want to relax without giving up on an excellent glass of wine and tasty local food. It is an experience of about two hours on top of a vineyard hill so that you can benefit from the view and a light breeze. The Picnic in the mountains includes wine and a complete basket to choose between traditional and vegetarian dishes.

5- One night in a Wine Resort surrounded by vineyards.

The Wine Resort on the hills of Custoza “Casino di Caccia” is where time seems to have stopped moving. Since 1700 it appears unchanged but always different, a corner of the world that is out of time but where to rediscover true beauty. Here, surrounded by the gentle stillness of the vines, protected by the hills, and immersed in nature, you can experience a 360 ° landscape dedicated to viticulture since ancient times. In this Wine Resort, it is also possible to allow yourself to be pampered in the beautiful restaurant: flavors that become memories and dishes that can be admired. It is a cuisine that comes first to the heart, research, quality, passion, and excellent local wines.

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