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Culture and Environment: the four wines that are mostly appreciated by wine lovers

This historical period has brought with it great changes that have inevitably influenced many of our choices, many of them in the domain of food.

So how did wine lovers and wine consumers go?

Why did they prefer wines rather than others?

Today we take you behind the scenes of Monte del Frà, to share with you some thoughts that are with us and to tell you about the four wines most appreciated during the lockdown and why.

Many of us have been driven to deep reflection of;

How will the world change after this period?

What will be the priorities when everything returns to normal?

Although it is not always easy to be optimistic, we like to think that a different and revolutionary world could emerge from this difficult period that would bring culture and respect for the environment back to the center of attention.

Nature and its rhythms teach us many things every day at Monte del Frà, and this is why we are convinced more than ever that wine is a product capable of conveying a message of hope and teaching for all.

The wine, if closely watched, conceals in its production slow and cyclical rhythms, which have always been a source of charm and admiration to those who appreciate and understand it. Far from industrial production models and approved forms of production, wine is never capable of recounting the beauty of diversity, bringing with it a unique and essential cultural wealth.

Is that why wine lovers felt the need to recognize themselves in these values by choosing products that could represent them?

What were their favorite wines during the lockdown and why?

Custoza DOC

In the first place is Custoza DOC, a white wine representative of the Monte del Frà winery, which takes its name from the village of production. It is territorial and unique and is a fresh, fruity, and mineral white wine that continues to win over Italian and international audiences. His easy and cool style makes him a loyal ally in the kitchen that can no longer be done without. The UK’s illustrious oenological critic Jancis Robinson put it among the top 10 recommended world wines for lockdown.

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Bianco di Custoza DOC Monte del Frà 

Bardolino DOC

Drinkability, freshness, and an explosion of red fruits, Bardolino DOC has the second position on our list. But his engaging flavorings are not the only reason for his success. This red wine, apparently simple and unclaimed, contains the three main Veronese indigenous grapes, which contribute to the production of important wines such as Amarone Della Valpolicella: Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara. James Suckling rewarded him with 90 points.

Lugana DOC

Loved by foreigners in particular from Germany, Lugana likes it because it is a white wine that remembers the summer, holidays, and good times spent at Lake Garda. Perceived as diversion to deceive the lockdown routine, he is loved because it is a fruitful, fresh, fraternal wine that seduces both men and women. Wine Enthusiast awarded him 90 points.

Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC

To conclude, among the most favorite wines, we bring to Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC, one of the most popular wines in Verona, which fascinates the most demanding palates with its aromas of leisure fruit and light vanilla essence. This wine can transport us back in time, to its home country, the Valpolicella, home to precious old villas and flowering cherry woods. Caretaker of three indigenous grapes, he encompasses everything that wine should have: history, authenticity, and character. James Suckling awarded him 93 points.

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Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore DOC
Tenuta Lena di Mezzo 2018